(ドラニコフDora-nikofu?) – (Seiyū: Mie SuzukiToshiharu Sakurai)

He is taciturn (and can only communicate with growls, etc.) and is extremely sensitive to the cold. He was the second smartest in The Doraemons behind Wang Dora. He transforms himself into a wolf if he looks at something that looks like the moon; in this form he can attack enemies by biting or simply wreaking havoc, etc. In the short "The Doraemons" anime that introduced Dora-nichov he tried to cover his eyes with his hands to avoid looking at anything round, only to transform, because his hands are also round! He is able to blow fire out of his mouth by taking something hot like Tabasco. He lives in Russia. Dora-nichov uses the four-dimensional scarf (四次元マフラーyonjigen mafurā?) covering his face as an alternative to the four dimensional pocket. Like El Matadora, Dora-nichov has his own super hero form, known as Super Wolfman. In this form, he wears a suit similar to Superman's suit, but instead of an S, he has a W on the front. He is, of course, in his werewolf form, and wears a cape around his neck. He usually doesn't eat dorayaki in front of others, because the round snack would let him transform, wreaking havoc, so it is unknown what his favorite kind of seasoning is.


Dora-nichov as Super Wolfman.