El Matadora is one of Doraemon's robotic cat friends. However, instead of cat ears he has ox horns.


El Matadora (エル・マタドーラEru Matadōra) – (Seiyū: Kazue IkuraKyousei TsukuiRyuusei Nakao) is a very strong Doraemon. He likes napping (siesta), and lives in the 17th-century Spain. He disguises himself by working for a dishwasher in a butcher's in the day, but his real job is to save the poor. He can transform into another form—Keikai-Dora. Keikai-Dora, an alter-ego that is a parody of Zorro. (Though this form isn't much different from his original appearance, except with his Magic Cloak pulled over the top of his head). Like Zorro, El Matadora in this form either leaves a "D" mark on his opponents' clothes during a sword fight or cuts off bad guys' pants. His dream is to be a matador. El Matadora is the only other Doraemon (other than Doraemon himself) to use the four-dimensional pocket. He likes dorayaki with spaghetti sauce. His Magic Cloak which can blow enemies away or deflect bullets, etc. His current crush is Karumin, his boss's daughter, but when he sees a beautiful girl, he turns polite and puts a rose in his mouth and talks to her
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