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Free Size Doll Camera is an episode from Doraemon 1979 anime.

Shizuka plans to bake some delicious cookies and ask Nobita and Dekisugi to come and taste them. Thing doesn't go with Nobita's plan when he was told by Tamako to weed the garden.



After the school is out, Shizuka, Nobita and Dekisugi are walking along the street together. Shizuka tells her friends that she'll bake some cookie this afternoon and ask the two to come and taste them after dropped each of their school bags at their own house. Nobita happily replies with Shizuka that he'll see her soon ASAP and rush back to his house. He however, remembers that Tamako told him to weed the garden this evening which will take around 2 hours.

Not wanting to risk breaking promise with Shizuka (and allow Dekisugi to "score" point), he uses Take-copter and flies to his room on the second floor through the window, intending to quickly drop his school bag and left. Suddenly, Doraemon's closet is opened, reveals Tamako who has been hiding for him to return! Tamako quickly jumps out of the closet and forces Nobita to sit at the table and study. Despite Nobita's plea, Tamako refuses to let him leave the table, commending that homework and study are more important than cookie. However, this Tamako is revealed to be Doraemon in disguise! Angered, Nobita attempts to leave the room but is confronted by the real Tamako who tells him to go weed the garden.

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