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Mrs Goda is the mother of Gian and Jaiko.She's the owner of a small but successful shop, as well as the only person that Gian is deathly afraid of. Her constant abuse and cruel punishment suggests that Gian may have inherited his mother or ancestor's bullish trait. She always remains angry with Gian, but is affectionate to Nobita. She is the owner of a grocery shop.

In many episodes it is seen that Mrs Goda has given Gian the responsibility of taking care of the shop, but Gian goes to play with his friends or read comic books, which angers Mrs Goda a lot.

Mrs. Goda is goodfriend with Mrs.Nobi, Mrs.Minamoto and Mrs.Honegawa but she sometimes couldn't stand Mrs. Honegawa due to that she keep bragging about jewelry and her cooking skill.

Behind the scenesEdit

In Doraemon (1979 anime) Gian's mother is voiced by Kazuyo Aoki.

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