Gian's mother
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Friends with Mrs.Nobi, Mrs. Honekawa, Mrs.Minamoto, etc.

Gian's mother (ジャイアンの母 Mrs. Gouda) is the mother of Takeshi (Gian) and Jaiko. She's the owner of a small but successful shop, as well as the only person that Gian is deathly afraid of. Her constant abuse punishment suggests that Gian may have inherited his mother or ancestor's bullish trait. She mosty remains angry with Gian, but is affectionate to everyone, especially Nobita. She is the owner of a grocery shop.

In many episodes, it is seen that Mrs. Gouda has given Gian the responsibility of taking care of the shop, but Gian goes to play with his friends or read comic books, even bullies someone, which angers Mrs. Gouda a lot. However, in a rare case that Gian look after the store like he was told, Mrs. Gouda will be very happy and may even reward him for his effort.

Mrs. Gouda is good friends with Mrs. Nobi, Mrs. Minamoto and Mrs. Honekawa, but she sometimes couldn't stand Mrs. Honekawa due to that she keeps bragging about jewelry and her cooking skill.

In the 1979 anime, Gian's mother is voiced by Kazuyo Aoki.


Mrs Gouda's hair is tied up into a bun and she often wears a green shirt with a brown skirt. Unlike the other housewives, Mrs.Goda has large build and is a strong woman in her own right, easily carry large household object by herself.


  • Takeshi Goda - Gian is her first son and she is noticibly strict toward him than Jaiko, even more than Tamako towards Nobita. Mrs.Goda often gave Gian the responsibility to take care of the shop or deliver the goods to the customers which she'll be very angry if Gian didn't do his job properly. She also punishes her son for his bad behaviors such as bullying other children. She also has kind side, often prepares Gian's favorite foods for him alongside Jaiko and/or rewards him when he did his job properly. 
  • Jaiko Goda
  • Mr.Goda - Although their relationship isn't depicted, they presumably have good relationship as they sometime go to vacation together by themselves while leaving Gian to take care of the house.


  • In the 1973 anime, Gian's mother was dead and Gian lived exclusively with his dad.