साँचा:Episodes infoboxGo to Dandelion Sky is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


The episode starts with Doraemon seeing a Daffodil plant that Nobita had grown last year. When Doraemon asks about the plant from Nobita and tells him to take care of it. However, he discovers that Nobita does not have any emotions for plants and trees. To make Nobita to understand the emotions of the Daffodil plant, he gives Nobita Fanta Glasses which helps to hear plants' voice. Nobita wears the glasses and finds out he could hear the Daffodil plant crying. Nobita gets guilty and waters the plant and plants it in the soil. The plant gets happy and thanks Nobita. Nobita hears other plants also screaming for water so he waters other plants also. He then hears many animals talking about him that he is lazy. So he starts watering the plants daily.

One night, Nobita hears the Daffodil plant screaming. He runs off to it and finds out that the plant was in danger because of the wind. Nobita hastily saves the plant from wind.

The next day, he sees that the Daffodil plant has turned into a Daffodil flower. The plant says thank you to Nobita for taking care of her.

The, ext day, the Daffodil flower grows baby seedlings. And in a wind, all the seedlings fly away except one seedling which was very frightened to go away from his mother. That night, the Daffodil flower tells him all her experiences and the next day, the seedling happily flies away with the wind and Nobita says good-bye to him.


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