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Friends with Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Brus (soldier guard), Chippo

Kuntakku (クンタック, alternative spelling: Kuntaq), also known as Peko (ペコ), is the dog prince of Bauwan. He only appears in the 1982 movie Nobita and the Haunts of Evil and the 2014 remake of the movie.

Kuntakku is voiced by Mari Shimizu in the original movie and Yu Kobayashi in the remake.


The coup led by Dafranda, he survived and wandered the human world. In the form of a white dog, Kuntakku had been a good sailor in foster care. When he died of plague in the African march, Kuntakku was sent to Japan and stayed there. Three years later, he met Nobita. The meeting took them to faraway Africa to stop the plotting attacks against the people of the clique. In the story, Kuntakku just introduced himself at the Heavy Smokers Forest. Kuntakku have a security context is laser photo therapy idols Bauwanko images.





Manga and Movie (Original)Edit

  • In manga, Kuntakku's clothes has a coat but in the movie isn't.
  • His tail is change from long to short.
  • In the movie, he had to wear clothes. In the manga, he was naked.
  • The events of Kuntakku dueling with Saberu and storming the guillotine Dafranda didn't happen in manga.
  • Also in the movie, he controlled the statue but in manga it moved by itself.

Original movie and Remake movieEdit


  • Kuntakku is the best swordsman in Bauwan.
  • He's also known as Peko because he starved a long time.