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Mafuga (マフーガ) is a wind demon dragon that appeared in Doraemon: Nobita and the Wind Wizard. It's used by Uranda and later, Storm, to destroy the world and bring forth the new one.


Many years ago, during the battle between the Wind Tribe and Storm Tribe, Uranda, the evil wind sorcerer of the Storm Tribe, used his magic to create this demonic creature. Its power was so great that it could've destroyed the entire world within forty days. However, before Uranda succeeded, Noajin , the current leader of the Wind Tribe at the time, used his mythic sword to split the wind dragon into three parts: two of them as wind spirits that were later buried along with Uranda's body, while the third one, the most evil part, was sealed by his sword for eternity on the island that was named after the dragon, the Mafuga Island.

Hundred of years after, Storm, an evil scientist from the 22 century sought to fufill the prophecy of Mafuga once more. To this end he began his plan by joined the Storm Tribe and became its leader. Storm and several soldiers raid the tomb of Uranda to find the two wind spirits within Uranda's coffin. However, the two spirits both flew away before he could capture them. Nonetheless, he was able to awaken the spirit of Uranda from the slumber.


  • Mafuga's name when written with kanji Mafūga (魔風牙) can mean "Evil Wind Fang".