साँचा:Episodes infobox Magical Girl Shizu-chan is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime and the Doraemon 2005 anime.


The episode starts off with Shizuka imagining herself as magical girl, but not noticing that Nobita is watching her. Then, he asks what she was doing, and Shizuka tells him that she had always wanted to be a magical girl since she was little. Nobita tells her that he can make her wish come true. Nobita tells Doraemon about Shizuka's wish, but tells him that there is no gadget that lets people use magic, but agrees to help Shizuka anyway. With Doraemon present, he pulls out the Inanimate Object-Hypnotizing Megaphone, a gadget that hypnotizes objects into other objects, he uses the megaphone to hypnotize the normal broom into a flying broom.

Shizuka then wants to look like a magical girl, so Doraemon uses the Dress Up Camera to make Shizuka look like a magical girl, he also gives her the Helping Hat, a hat that detects when someone needs help. Also Doraemon allows Shizuka to borrow his pocket.Shizuka then goes off and helps people, at the end of the day she becomes a normal girl again and thanks Nobita and Doraemon. The episode ends with Shizuka's mother locking Shizuka out of the house as a punishment for being outside for too long.


Gadgets usedEdit


  • The 2005 version is a remake of the 1979 version.
  • The title card for the 2005 version has Shizuka's face shown instead of Doraemon's face that is usually shown in other episodes.
  • In the end of the 1979 and 2005 version, Nobita has to use both Take-copter and Helping Hat. He holds Take-copter in his hand in 1979 anime, and he wears it on the helping hat in the 2005 anime. In the remake of 1979, however, Nobita uses a hypnotized umbrella.