(Japanese: ノビスケ) is the name of the only son of Nobita and Shizuka. As his name is the same as Nobita's dad (a.k.a. his grandfather), his name is presented in Katakana, instead of Hiragana which is used to present Nobita's father's name.

Though similar to his dad in laziness, Nobisuke is shown to be a better athlete than his father (with proficiency of at least baseball and soccer), as well as sly and violent. His notable abuse victims include Nobita (in his child age), Doraemon, Gian (also in his child age), as well as sons of both Gian and Suneo.

One of his most prominent appearance was when he ran away from home and visited Nobita's childhood years. At the end Doraemon made him go home by bringing Nobisuke's own son (Nobita's grandson), who accused him for harsh parenting.

In one episode it's suggested that Nobisuke got married 45 years after Nobita's childhood, and had his honeymoon on the Moon.

He is most well-known appearence is in Dorami-Chan: Mini Dora SOS!! When he and his 2 friends( Suneki and Jaichibi, the sons of Suneo and Jaian respectivley) end up mis-using mini dora. They are similar to the 3 stooges of their time, staying friends as they always get even with each other.!!!+(English+Subtitles)