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Nobisuke Nobi (Japanese: 野比 のび助) is the father of Nobita Nobi, the main character of the Doraemon series.

Early LifeEdit

During his childhood years, Japan was in the heat of World War II. Beaten by the harsh life of labor, Nobisuke wanted to commit suicide by drowning in the river. The thought was stopped by the intervention of Nobita and Doraemon, visiting him by the time machine.

When young, Nobisuke was a talented painter, such that a local rich man offered allowance for his creations, in exchange of Nobisuke's agreement to marry the rich man's beautiful daughter. However, Nobisuke turned it down and got kicked out. At about the same time, he came across with Tamako Kataoka, and eventually started a family with her. The couple had a son, who was named Nobita.

In the SeriesEdit

At the time of the series, Nobisuke is a typical Japanese salary man: Working in a firm as a commoner, maintaining various hobbies and traits such as golfing, fishing, smoking (which he failed to quit albeit attempting so for many times), drinking (of sake), etc. Though, Nobisuke is not considered the best in the more athletic hobbies, as he's often at the end of the joke about these abilities (or lack thereof). Also, a running gag in the manga is that he never manage

Nobitas dad

Nobita's dad in the new generation

to get a driver's license due to his poor skills.

He's generally more tolerant towards his son, Nobita, compared with his wife Tamako. Nonetheless, Nobisuke cares Nobita's achievements a lot, and sometimes makes comments or conversations that affect Nobita considerably, in one way or another. He also shows interest in a great variety of challenges and adventures, sometimes sparking worries of his family, even to a point of requiring Doraemon's gadgets to protect him from nuisance and accidents.

Family membersEdit

Nobisuke is married to Tamako Nobi and has a son, Nobita. In future, Shizuka would be his daughter-in-law. His grandson would be named after him. He is the great-great-great-grandfather of Sewashi, the original owner of Doraemon.

In his childhood, Nobisuke used to be treated in a disciplined manner by his father, Nobita's grandfather. However, his mother, Nobita's grandmother, used to be kind to him a lot. Nobisuke has a brother, Nobirou Nobi, who is an excellent athlete. {C zh-tw:野比大助