Noramyako (ノラニャーコ) was once Doraemon's girlfriend and his first one. She played a very prominent role in Doraemon's life before he went back to 20 century.

Noramyako is voiced by Yuko Yamahuchi in the original episode and Ai Nonaka in the remake.




Originally Noramyako's role is to serve as Doraemon girlfriend that broke up with him when his ears was cut because Sewashi's family had not enough money for better surgery.

2007 RemakeEdit

In this remake Noramyako's role is expanded greatly and her appearance is change from a pink-female version of Doraemon into tall, slender and beautiful female cat robot. Noramyako for appeared to save Doraemon from falling into the furnace.

In the end they decided to part away as they now going to live in different time with Doraemon went back to the past and Noramyako continue to become successful ballerina.