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Odorome as seen in the movie.
जन्म दिन Unknown
Normal clothing Crown, Black Robe
Friends with

Phantom Emperor Odorome (妖霊大帝オドローム Yōrei Taitei Odorōmu lit. Phantom Great Emperor Odorome) is the main antagonist of Nobita and the Fantastic Three Musketeers. He is a powerful evil sorcerer who seeks to rule over the Dream World, Yumemiru Kingdom.


As the evil sorcerer and the emperor of darkness, Odorome led his army to conquer the Yumemiru Kingdom. By the start of the story, he had already conquered more than half of the land. However, Odorome was fortold that he will fell to demise at the hand of the Legendary Silver Knight.


  • He is called Tai-Tai Sama in the Hindi dub, but he is also called Odorome.