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Princess Suneko (スネ子 Suneko) is a character that appeared in the 14th movie, Nobita's genesis diary. She is the only daughter of Sunemaro.

She is voiced by Kyouko Yamada in the movie.



Princess Suneko is first met by Nobina when he was searching for Chunko while she's viewing Maple Trees along with her servants. Nobina tried to ask that she had seen Chunko or not. Suneko, however, being a spoiled and vain princess, refused to answer any of his question, sticked her tongue at him and had her servants shooed him away.

Later that night, the servants return to report to Sunemaro that Suneko had disappeared. Heard about his daughter's disapperance, Sunemaro quickly orders the soldiers to find her whereabout.


Princess Suneko was later found asleeping under a pine tree(Awakened and near the riverside in the movie). The general deduced that she must got tired from getting lost in the forest and brought her back to Sunemaro. 

Comparison between Manga and MovieEdit

  • Suneko wears slightly different Kimono in the movie. Her front bang is also changed slightly. She also wields her flower in her left hand instead of her right hand in the movie.
  • Suneko went to view maples during daytime in the movie and nighttime in the manga.
  • In the manga she was found asleep under the pine tree while she was found not asleep near the riverside in the movie.