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जन्म दिन
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Friends with Nobi Nobita

Romi (ロミ) is a puppy that is Chippo's cousin sister. She only appears in the 1990 movie and manga long story Nobita and the Animal Planet. Romi is voiced by Kumiko Nishihara.


She has yellow curly ears and pale white skin with a lock of hair on her head.She wore a pink dress with a ribbon in the movie.She has medium sized deep green eyes and a pink nose.

Comparison between the manga and the movieEdit

In manga her eyes are much smaller and blacker and she has a big lock of curly hair on top of her head. Her face is a roundish square shape in the manga and in the movie she has a longer snout and a lock of mixed(straight wavy and curly) hair on her head.Her eyes are deep green in movie and black in manga.She also has visible eyebrows in the movie but not in manga.zh-tw:羅咪