साँचा:Episodes infoboxShizuka's Necklace is an episode from the Doraemon 1979 anime.


At the Minamotos' Residence, Shizuka's admiring her mother's pearl necklace that was given by her father for their wedding gift. Mrs.Minamoto tells Shizuka that she can have it in the future when she become an adult.

However, Shizuka secretly snuckles the necklace out and goes to meet with the gang at the Empty Lot. Everyone comments about the necklace beauty and expensiveness. However, while Nobita is examining the necklace, Gian accidentally pulls it which causes the necklace to tear apart and scatter the pearls everywhere. Even after search, they're still missing five pearls. Suneo and Gian quickly make up an excuse and leave while Nobita seeks help from Doraemon. Doraemon then brings out Pearl-Maker Shellfish, a gadget capable of creating beautiful pearl within 3 months. Due to the time constraint, Shizuka suggests using Time Wrapper to speed up the process to 30 minutes. However, Mrs.Minamoto comes to Nobita's house to find Shizuka and is told by Tamako that they're in the garden, forcing Doraemon to bring out Forgetful Grass which Nobita and Shizuka use on Mrs.Minamoto to make her temporary forget about the necklace. When the pearls are finished, they give back the necklace to her which Mrs.Minamoto couldn't tell the different between the real one and the new one.

However, that night, Mrs.Minamoto along with Gian and Suneo come to request Nobita and Doraemon's help to find Shizuka as she went out somewhere in the night. Gian and Suneo also reveal that they confessed to Mrs.Minamoto that they were responsible for breaking her necklace which promptly cause Doraemon and Nobita to confess for making a new one to hide the truth from her. They then head to the Empty Lots to find Shizuka looking for the missing pearls which she found four of them. Shizuka confesses to her mother and apologizes for taking out the necklace and break it. Mrs.Minamoto however, isn't angry with her daughter and is happy that Shizuka is a honest person. Nobita then notices the last pearl in Shizuka's hair and gives it to her. Shizuka then returns the pearls to her mother but she tells her that Shizuka can keep them as she has grown into a responsible person now which makes Shizuka very happy.


Gadgets usedEdit


  • The ending of the episode in the anime deviates from the original manga. In the manga, Suneo secretly snuckled into the garden of Nobis' Residence and fall into the Pearl-maker Shellfish and become a pearl-shaped like himself.
  • Also due to slight change in plot, Mrs.Honekawa's scene in the original manga was not animated.
  • The same necklace would be given to Shizuka in The Night Before Nobita's Wedding.


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