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साँचा:Episodes infoboxShizuka-chan's Present is Nobita is an episode from the Doraemon 2005 anime.


Nobita agrees to bring Shizuka's "prince" back for her birthday present. However, the future Nobita also has a problem on his own too. Future Nobita writes wrong date to his present to Shizuka, so it goes to Shizuka of this time, and both Nobitas and Doraemon try to prevent it.

However, the delivery robot then appears and trying to go inside Shizuka's house. Both Nobitas attempt to stop it while Doraemon quickly pulls out Time-

"Your prince might not be the kind of guy who is too dependable or amazing, but because that he loves you, he'll keeping working hard to make that dream of your come true.. That's why you should looking forward to be with him, he'll definitely make you happy"

At the same in the future, future Shizuka ask Nobita why he was with his past self which replies that there is a bit of problem. He then notices that he forgot to return the past Shizuka her handkerchief. Seeing the handkerchief, Shizuka smiled and finally understand that her prince is never far away and always by her side.


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