Shizuka-chan (静香ちゃん), is a smart, kind, and pretty neighbourhood girl who is the object of Nobita's affections. She is everything Nobita is not, being quick-witted, hard-working, clever in studies and drop-dead gorgeous. She takes baths several times a day. Somehow, Nobita always seem to unintentionally walk in on her while she is still in the bathtub. She is also known for taking piano lessons unwillingly, which is sometimes used as an excuse for declining to hang out with Nobita. Her true passions are sweet potatoes and the violin, in which her playing is as atrocious as singing. Shizuka will become Nobita's wife and mother of his child in the
Shizuka New

New generation Shizuka


Family members

Shizuka's mother a is a kind woman. Shizuka's father appeared in only a few episodes.Also Shizuka would be the mother of Nobisuke and great-great-grandmother of Sewashi in the future.

  • Nobita and Shizuka in future
  • Shizuka and Nobita marrying
  • Nobita and Shizuka's son "Nobisuke"



  • She makes a cameo appearance in the second episode of Arakawa Under the Bridge, where she is shown in a bathtub covering up as Nobita sees her. This was the main character's visual of what women usually do when men see them take a bath.
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Voice actors


Shizuka is voiced by Masako Ebisu in the 1973 anime.