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Tamako Nobi (野比玉子) (also known as Tamako Kataoka 片岡玉子) is Nobita's mother. She is very serious about Nobita's test marks, which is always 0. When she finds out where Nobita hides his exam answer sheets, her punishment is yelling, rarely spanking and reducing his pocket money. Nobita's mom is also serious about Nobita doing his homework, which he never does. She also sends him out on shopping errands, but Nobita usually forgets to buy them after he returns home.

Her real name is Tamako Kataoka, but it was changed to Tamako Nobi when she married Nobisuke Nobi. She usually tells Nobita to study and not to play, but during winter, she urges Nobita to go out and play but Nobita refuses and tells her it is better to warm up in the blanket. She is always worried about her weight and tries different diets to reduce it. She doesn't like pets in the house. She is always jealous of Suneo's mother though she doesn't show it.


She is thin, wears rounded glasses just like Nobita, and wears an orange tunic with a teal skirt and had brown hair in the 1973 anime, But it was changed to black in the 1979 and 2005 anime. In the 1979 anime, she normally wore a pink shirt with white collars, magenta skirt and an apron. Her current apparel is a yellow blouse with an orange skirt.


Her maiden name is Tamako Kataoka. She's very serious about Nobita's exams, and often punishes him for hiding the result. Her personality doesn't vary much. She's very serious most of the time, and sometimes punishes Nobita for being so lazy and dumb. She is thin, wears rounded glasses just like Nobita, and is normally dressed the same way. Tamako is the one who cooks and cleans the house (like a typical Japanese housewife), sometimes with the help of Doraemon. 


  • Nobita Nobi
  • Nobisuke Nobi
  • Mrs.Kataoka (mother)


  • In the 1973 anime, Tamako was shown with brown hair, however, it was changed to black in the 1979 and 2005 anime.
  • Tamako's younger brother's name is Tamao Kataoka.
  • In the American English dub of the 2005 anime, Tamako's name is changed to Tammy.
  • So far, she is the only main female character to have flashy, glowing white eyes when she is angry. This is frequently shown in the 2005 anime.
  • She shares her fear of cockroaches with Dorami.साँचा:Doraemonzh-tw:野比玉子