Species Human
Gender Female
Appearence Nobita's Birth of Japan

Tarane was Tajikara's wife and Kukuru's mother who is a member of the Hikari Tribe. She was introduced in the Doraemon long-story Nobita's Birth of Japan.

At some point in her life, Tarane married Tajikara and eventually became pregnant and gave birth to Kukuru. During the start of the film, Tarane along with her husband and fellow tribe members were captured by the Dark Tribe during the start of the movie. When her son returned after fishing in the river, he only found the village destroyed. he was then sucked in by a mysterious vortex which transported him to Japan 70,000 years in the future. Her son later returned to Japan 70,000 years in the past to rescue them from the Dark Tribe.

Tarane along with her husband and fellow tribe members were on their way being taken to Tokoyomi Shrine until the village's elder became too exhausted to walk anymore and fell. As Tarane and the other were concerned for the elder's condition, the Dark Tribe had little care for the elder and instead beaten him. Tarane and the others defended the elder, however the Dark Tribe's superior Tsuchidama did not tolerate weak slaves and ordered his minions to kill the prisoners. Doraemon, later known by the Light Tribe as Dorazombie, and the others were able to fend off the Dark Tribe and destroy Tsuchidama. Tarane and Tajikara were later reunited with their son. After being transferred to prehistoric Japan, the Light Tribe begins to build their new settlement. The following night, Tarane along with her husband, son and the Light Tribe held a celebration in honor of Doraemon and their new home. However, the Dark Tribe manage to locate the Light Tribe's new village and abducted everyone. Tarane was injured in the attack, causing her to be unable to walk properly.

चित्र:Tarane enslaved.png

Tarane along with her husband, son and the Light Tribe were soon brought to Gigazombie's temple the Tokoyomi Shrine in the north and were forced to work as slaves. Doraemon and the others headed North to rescue the Light Tribe, but lost Nobita in the blizzard. They took refuge in a cave, which happens to be the entrance to Tokoyomi Shrine and was able to locate Kukuru and the Light Tribe, who were being enslaved. Doraemon used his Ultra-time watch to stop time and confront Gigazombie, but was defeated by him. Thanks to Nobita and the future police, Doraemon, the others and the Light Tribe were rescued and Gigazombie was captured. Kukuru bids farewell to his friends and continues a peaceful life with his parents and the Light Tribe.