The Yadori (ヤドリ) are the main antagonists of Doraemon: Nobita and the Galaxy Super Express. They're small spaceship-lke creature that inhabit the land at the edge of the galaxy. They're leaded by the Yadori Emperor, whose primary goal is to find the large amount of lifeforms for the populations to possess and rule the universe.

The Yadori are capable of possessing other living lifeform(i.e. human) to parasite food and energy, however, they're weak to soap and shampoo which can freeze their true body if come into contact. The Yadori Emperor himself can also possess the machine and non-living object as well. After the fall of the Emperor, the rest of the Yadori retreat and are never seen agian.

Notable membersEdit

  • Yadori 008 - first of the member to invade the main planet at the edge of galaxy. Possess Ashton and lead the branch until driven out by Don and Jane.
  • Yadori 0009 - possessed Suneo and tasked with locking the humans in the cabins. Later possesses Nobita shortly until driven out by Shizuka.
  • Yadori Emperor - Leader.


  • Interestingly, Gian's mispronounce of Yadori as Yadokari (hermit crab) actually make sense since the Yadori are creature capable of changing seashell, in other word, changing their host body.

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